Is there any back-up in case of an emergency?
In case of a mechanical problem or an accident we have a car available to give assistance.
How can we contact you once we are on the road?
If requested, we can provide you with a simple prepaid local mobile phone.
What should we bring with us?
Helmet, bicycle shoes, pedals, .... We can provide you a checklist if needed.
Can we eat vegetarian food for lunch?
Please let us know in advance if you want to eat strictly vegetarian food so we'll try to adapt the rides as much as possible. Vegetarian food is not always available in every village.
Do I need an insurrance?
Every rider should be properly insured. Accidents as a result of riding a bicycle are normally covered by a regular travel/holiday insurrance. Nevertheless, it's always good to double check with you insurrance company.
Do I need a visa?
A tourist visa (obtained from a Thai Consulate in your home country) is needed when a person plans to stay in Thailand longer than 30 days, or comes from a non-EU country. Please check with your travel agency in advance.