Cycling in Thailand with SwissBike

Cycling in Thailand has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. Good roads, nice climate, delicious food and low cost of living, are just some of the benefits of cycling holidays in Thailand. The area around Chiang Mai, the largest city in the north of Thailand, is located in a valley from where a great number of cycling routes start.There are routes for each type of cyclist: flat, rolling hills, steep climbs, long distance, ...

We have been travelling and living in Thailand for many years and have a very good knowledge and understanding of the area. We have been organising road cycling tours since 2011. Our strength is to create a custom made cycling schedule for each group or individual and adapt it, if necessary, as you experience the pleasure and challenges of cycling in the north of Thailand. Furthermore, cycling routes are always carefully set up in order to avoid heavy traffic as much as possible.

SwissBike specializes in organising road bike tours only. Tourist/sightseeing tours or mountain bike tours are not offered.

If you are looking for a leisure sightseeing bicycle tour, we highly recommend Click&Travel